RPattz: Tops Every Women's Wishlist!

Robward can't seem to be any less conspicuous even if he tries very hard to. He consistently is being mentioned and being swooned over left and right by women. The new names on the list include Katy Perry, who is a darling- we love her, who said she would want to "snag" RPattz away from Kristen in the last VMA. She is cute, really.

The X-factor girl, Alexandra Burke wants him to be his "bad boy" and would want to "meet him".

Olivia Wilde of House M.D. who appears on the cover of the latest GQ can't help but make mention Rob and was quoted, "I did not envy him. I think it's the frog-in-boiling-water concept. Robert Pattinson jumped in boiling water and has stayed in it, and hopefully will survive. Whereas I entered the water when it was cold, and it's been slowly heating up -- a slooooow boil. Maybe I won't realize when it's getting dangerous."

Even the quick witted Sharon Osborne, the cougar that she is, revealed in her current guesting on Ellen that "she would get arrested if she describes on TV what she plans to do" with RPattz. We just totally adore her and relates to her so much, go figure.

With all these happening, Rob could not care less if all the ladies in the planet from all demographics swoon or "panty drops" at him. He just does not care! And it is all because he only have his bluish grey eyes on one beautiful and very intelligent girl named Ms. Kristen Stewart. And because of that he quadruples his "cutie" points in our list and even makes him hotter! -S