According to Ted: RobSten = The Real Life Romeo + Juliet?

E! OnLine Ted Casablanca's The Awful Truth reports "We're sorry, Robstenites. Although we totally don't agree with reports that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's relationship is on the outs, we do have to pose the ugly Q:

Was Robsten doomed from the start?

If vampires and publicists were around during Shakespeare's day, we bet he would have changed Romeo & Juliet to Rob & Kristen for sure. They certainly seem like cross-starred lovers, do they not? Fighting to stay together despite overbearing forces desperately trying to keep them apart. So romantic—and depressingly idealistic.

Why can't our fave couple be blessed like Brangelina?

This whole Robsten sitch reminds us very much of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie during the filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005. And check out this coincidence—that was a damn Summit produced movie, too! What are the friggin' odds of one production company being responsible for producing two of the hottest, most talked-about celeb couples in H'wood history?

But unlike what's currently going on in Twiland, not only did Summit not even bother to cover up Brangelina's budding romance, they friggin' loved it! The nonstop rumors that something sexual was going on between the two costars gave the film tons more buzz (and box office).

And seriously, that pair up was much more controversial than li'l ole Robsten, since Brad was technically still married at the time to one of America's most beloved sweethearts.

I mean, think about if, folks. The only third party involved in R.Pattz and K.Stew's matchup is K.S.' ex-BF Michael Angarano, who, uh, ain't exactly a household name anyone really has any strong feelings toward.

So what's the diff? That Brad and Angie are adults with years of cred built up so they can do what they want, while Rob and Kristen are still young and new to the scene? We seriously hope at the end of the day (and the Twilight franchise), there won't be any difference between these two duos at all. At least not in Summit's eyes.

And the RobSten fairy godmother speaks again. No more love-hate relationship? Ei, Ted? I just hope they, including the great Ted, would stop referencing RobSten to Brangelina. It makes me sick. What happened with the older couple is unfair to one lovely lady, named Jennifer Aniston. Now, I don't want to start bashing Brangelina. I hate hating!

RobSten is fresh and not "doomed" as what people think. Oh , alright I love the R+J take, "star-crossed lovers" sounds so romantic to me. Don't you guys think that prolly they are just taking it slow and enjoying the budding romance privately. Don't worry with a little more patience we'll all get our wishes for a little RobSten pda in the future. And I really believe that the management teams of these two are "working" together against ...errr I mean WITH Summit with regards to their "non-romantic relationship". lol.

Thanks to Gen for the inspiration. She knows what I mean lol.