Ashley Likes to Annoy Rob - Cute! was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to have this exclusive interview with Ashley Greene. Here is the excerpt where she talks about Rob. We know that a lot of acting on a TV or movie is waiting. Do you have one particular activity you like to do while waiting?
AG: Call my mom. Or any of my friends. Or talk to my friends thru AIM. Actually, I talk. To everyone. Oh! And annoy Rob. That’s my favorite thing to do. Also it was obvious that the cast seem to be very tight. Do you guys have fun behind the scenes or is it a fairly serious atmosphere? Do you have any behind the scenes stories you’d like to share?
AG: We’re all like brothers and sisters, so we’re having fun all the time. Funny stories? Well, there’s a lot. But one funny thing we’re always doing with Kellan, Jack and Xavier is annoy Rob singing Katy Perry or Miley’s songs. We suck as singers, so we freak him out terribly. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time (if you have any!)?
AG: Hahahaha! We’re always going to Starbucks with Jackson or going shopping with the girls. And we’re going to have dinner with the cast on weekends, or go to concerts. We always find something fun to do together. Are you Team Edward or team Jacob?
AG: Ughhhh… harsh. I really really adore Rob and Edward’s awesome, but I’m Team Jacob. Is just… You gotta love Taylor, he plays an amazing Jacob, so… my heart belongs to him. Hahaha!

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