Rob In Swedish Glamour Mag

Here is the Swedish Glamour feature graciously translated by Dance_Gossip Twilight.
Hottest right now!
Forget Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp... According to a survey, among Glamour readers, Robert Pattinson is the hottest right now. And doesn't he have everything to wish for in a man... he's sexy casual, makes great music and is dangerously handsome!

Has the photographers tried to provoke anything?
Many times. Yesterday it was a gang yelling "smile, smile!" even though I was already smiling, and then I heard: "Oh he's so boring."
But just a second later they fell into some bushes, and that made me smile even more.

Do you stil have that run down flat in Soho?
It was a rented apartment so I had to terminat it when I did Twilight. My friends lived in it, but I didn't want to rent it for them. Right now I don't have a home, I live in three suitcases that goes from on hotel to another.

Robert Pattinson grew up in London and had his breakthrough with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but started his career as a model.
I was 13 years old and looked like a girl when I started to work as a model. It was a relatively successfull career since the androgynous look was in, so I got to work for a few teenage magazines, but never got any bigger assignments since I didn't look masculine enough. I was really thin with a small potbelly, it didn't work out in the long run since I didn't want to work out to look moore masculine and I didn't want to diet to look more feminine.

Is New Moon more for guys?
When I did PR for the first movie they wanted me to speak alot about action. But I said: "But this isn't an action movie." But in the other movie it's all about the werewolves, much more masculine. there aren't any girly lines and I could relate to this one much more, which moste mean something. The third movie also have much more fighting.

When you become famous it's hard to build real relations since it's difficult to know why people contact you- is it because of the fame or not?
You really have to decide whether you like the person or not, and if you really do, then fame doesn't matter. Unless they do something spectacular like stabbing you in the back, and that's really unusual. You have to trust your instinct if you really like someone.
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