Rob: Lover Not A Fighter

Robert Pattinson insists he’s nothing like his indestructible Twilight character Edward Cullen — because he’s a lover, not a fighter!
The British actor — who’s currently dating his Twi costar Kristen Stewart — says he would try to fight on behalf of a girl — but it would not turn out well.

“I think I would probably try to — if I really had to — and I would lose the fight,” he said.

“I think that is probably how things would pan out.”

Pattinson — who’s currently shooting the third Twilight film, Eclipse, in Vancouver, Canada — recently revealed he’s unable to relax because he’s always thinking about work.

“I don’t really need to do stuff to relax or get away because all my interests are part of my job,” he said. “Like I’ll watch movies to be inspired to do other movies. I read books to be inspired.

“I listen to music to be inspired to write music. Everything I do is to create something.” source

I am not posting any more old interviews of Rob stating that he cannot find a date, because I feel it is tired, rehashed, and totally "untrue" considering that he is now happy with his current state. I don't think he is looking anymore anyway. Maybe he found her already, maybe he is also a having a "non-girlfriend" relationship. Oh hell, whatever they want to call it. If RobSten is happy, I am happy.