Rob On Cover of Succesful Promotions

This is quite funny. Nothing much on Rob on this mag, except that Summit discussed on how they did successfully market the "vampire" movie of our generation.

Rob on the cover always sells and we Twibloggers always, include them in our roster.

I personally think that Summit hit the jackpot getting the rights from Stephenie Meyer to produce Twilight. What they were not prepared for was the astounding response the leads, Kristen and Robert got from the millions of Twihards, ehem me included. Anything Twirelated sells. Everything that has RPattz sells. I guess you can say he is the ideal marketing marvel find of 2008. Sad to say he is literally treated at times as a "product". Sad.

For the rest of the scans, check out MyRobertPattinson. Thanks Jen! If you're in the field of marketing and promotions, I'd say check this scans now!