Rob: Remember Me *Update*

Rumors spread online today that Summit Entertainment has elected to change the ending to Robert Pattinson’s upcoming film, “Remember Me.” Gossip Cop does not want to spoil any plot points. But since the alleged alteration was lighting up message boards, we looked into it and asked a source inside Summit for comment.

We were assured by a rep that claims of a major change are “absolutely not true.”

If rumors persist, we will do our best to further clear up any confusion. GossipCop.

I'm sure Summit cannot just change the ending on this one because, it is where the twist lies. Don't worry I will not offer any spoilers here. I say, let it be but if they tried it on a test audience and the screenwriters gave it a go, anything can happen. But I would rather like to see the original ending. Do you guys miss our Robfest in New York? If only Kristen was with him it would just be perfect and not that what-her-face girl from Lost. To think she even divorced her spouse before doing this with Rob. She thought she would be THAT lucky. Ooops, sorry. Stop rant...Now! Teehee. "Waves" to Gen and Maika. Konichiwa to half 1119. Got the inspiration from her, as well as Anon and Svet from Russia for the translator.