Rob: Twilight Isn't His Only Starring Role

Rob Thomas of the Capital Times offers us a good read.
There's a downside to being an actor who has become an "overnight sensation." It actually didn't happen overnight.

While everyone thinks he suddenly popped up on the scene because of that big hit movie, in reality the actor has probably been toiling quietly away at thankless, underseen, sometimes just plain embarrassing roles waiting for that big break. And, once that big break happens, the folks who own those little-seen before-you-were-famous films are only too happy to cash in.

That's what's happening with Robert Pattinson, best known as vampire heartthrob Edward from the smash hit "Twilight" and the upcoming sequel, "New Moon." "New Moon" doesn't come out until Nov. 20, so DVD companies know Pattinson's fans are getting anxious to see him in action. And they're only too happy to oblige.
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