Vanity Fair: Indie Rock Dance Party In the Twilight Saga New Moon

We’re aware of how thirsty Twilight fans are for the upcoming release of the film, New Moon, but now it seems music fans may be … hungrier. If you’re both a lover of indie music and of Stephenie Meyer’s four-part teenage vampire saga, then you must be positively aching for the impending release of the movie’s soundtrack, on October 20.

When Atlantic Records released the New Moon soundtrack listing on September 22, indie kids were both shocked and delighted to see many of their favorites contributing new, exclusive material. Big name, arena-filling artists like Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Washington darlings Death Cab for Cutie are on the roster, but so are smaller acts such as Sea Wolf, OK Go, Bon Iver, and St. Vincent, who are staples of the club circuit.

We spoke to three of the bands on the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack about their song contributions, moody lyrics, and whether they’re Team Edward or Team Jacob.
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