First London Pics From OK! Uk and Rob, Kristen Article

SOURCE and OK! UK ROBERT Pattinson has spoken candidly to today about his struggle with fame.

We met the Twilight star during his visit to London - and he opened up his heart to us about the difficulty of life in the spotlight.
Heartthrob Rob told us: "I was kind of trapped while filming Eclipse, but there’s always ways and there’s always places where you can disappear to.

“It just involves a bit more thought and you can’t wander around willy-nilly."
The 23-year-old is the hottest actor on the planet right now since making the role of Edward Cullen his own.

But speaking to us today he sensationally threatened to quit acting if he can't learn to deal with the Hollywood lifestyle.
He confessed: "If I’m still stuck in a hotel room in 10 years time and I haven’t figured out another way to deal with it, then I would be annoyed.

"I don’t really think about [fame]. I just want to see what it’s really like in two to three years.”

KRISTEN Stewart told today that kissing Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson was “pretty cool”.

Speaking at a press conference in London to promote the latest film New Moon, the actress, who is rumoured to be dating the heartthrob, said she enjoyed locking lips with the star.

And when asked about the couple’s - very obvious - chemistry both on and off screen, she said it was all part of the job.

Remaining coy about their reported romance, the brunette beauty insisted she had to stay close to Rob to play her character well.

She told us: “Any good relationship that I’ve had with an actor has been so emotional and personal.
“If you don’t have that then you’re just lying. I have that with Taylor.”
And the 19-year-old said she’s still getting used to being famous.
She added: “Everyone knew what they were getting themselves into – even if we didn’t know about the massive amount of attention we’d receive.”

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