New Videos From Paris - Rob Gives 5 Ways To Dump A Girl With Class

Rob gives 5 ways to dump a girl with class

Vampire versus werewolf
Vampire vs werewolf quiz

1- How many times do you shave/week?
2- How many times/day do you look at the mirror?
3- With sun, do you burn or do you get tanned?
4- Do you like singing to the moon?
5- Do you prefer water or red wine with your meal?

Conclusion?? Rob is actually a WEREWOLF!!!!
Rob, Kristen, and Taylor answer fan questions

For Rob
1- Don't you find that Edward is too prude/prudish with bella?
2- A love story like Ed/Bella it possible in our modern society?
For Kristen
3- What do you have in common with bella's character?
(Taylor answers the same question related to his character)
4- How does it feel to be part of the success of Twilight Saga?
5- Which of the other characters you wish you could play?
6- Aren't you afraid of being stuck in Edward's character?
Kris & Taylor
7- What's the most original/eccentric thing you've ever received from a fan?
8- Have you ever met very passionate fans

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