Rob Is The Most Kissable Celeb In UK

It was nothing we didn’t already know but a recent poll has made it a proven fact that our famous Brit beauties do it the best in the stakes to measure who are the most fanciable boys and girls.

It was decided that Cheryl Cole and Robert Pattinson have been voted the famous faces (or lips) that people would most like to kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas. A worthy victory, I say.

The poll, carried out to mark the installation of the world’s largest sprig of mistletoe at Heathrow Terminal 5, asked over 1,000 people who they would most like to pucker up with under the traditional Christmas foliage.

Cheryl proved far more desirable than US beauties Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie, gaining a third of all votes with 32% and even triumphed over X Factor co-judge Dannii Minogue, who only managed a meagre 2%. It was a closer shave for Robert Pattinson, who pulled in 285 of the vote, with fellow Brits Daniel Craig and Jude Law hot on his heels in second and third place.

The results also show that Brits would rather plant a peck on the cheek of a UK celebrity rather than one of their American counterparts, seeing as Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhaal all missed out on the top spot.
source via RPLife