Kristen Predicted To Win "Rising Star" Award - VOTE NOW

As you already know, Kristen Stewart received a nomination for the Orange British Academy Film "Rising Star" Award, and, for the winner to be determined, fans of the nominees submit their votes for their respective choices.

Of course, Kristen Stewart's fans - at least those who are in a suitable geographic location to vote - have been voting away, hoping to help the actress win the award.

As a result, a recent Variety article predicts that Kristen Stewart is bound to win the award. The publication bases its prediction on her involvement with the Twilight saga.

Variety suggests that a trend has developed over the past few years where the winner is always a leading cast member in a popular film from that year.

In the past, James McAvoy won after "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe," Eva Green after "Casino Royale" and Shia LaBeouf after "Transformers." Last year, Noel Clarke's fanbase from "Adulthood" and TV's "Doctor Who" trumped the higher Hollywood profile of Michael Cera.

While Stewart's recent film catalogue is not exclusively Twilight (what with The Runaways, Welcome To The Rileys, The Yellow Handkerchief, and even Adventureland), Variety points to the saga as the source of the majority of her voters.

UK residents can VOTE here

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