Kristen's Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue - Scan

Sadly, no new pics inside the magazine itself, no other additional articles even - just this one that we posted days ago. Pffft, what a letdown? We will be needing the outtakes soon.

Kristen Stewart

In an era in which every teen star has a stylist and a bland pop record, 19-year-old Kristen Stewart is the tough-minded, no-frills anomaly. Stewart played Bella Swan not as a cartoon but as anxious and complicated—making the predicament of being torn between a vampire and a werewolf seem … well, almost plausible. The daughter of a television-producer father and an Australian script-supervisor mother, the L.A.-bred Stewart has been consistently drawn to melancholy over flash. Between Twilight installments, her edgy trajectory will continue with Welcome to the Rileys, about the friendship between a stripper and a married businessman, played by James Gandolfini, and The Runaways, about rocker Joan Jett.

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