New Vid of Rob and Kristen at Budapest Airport- Bel Ami Filming

Thanks to RobstenLovex for the better quality YT vid!source
PattinsonLife/source Twilighter_News

Anon posted this in the comments: Notice at 2:29. Rob enters trailer leaves with his shirt unbuttoned. Uhmm. There must be a birthday kitty inside his trailer opening her gift. lol Great catch Anon!

It's a gossip show and a rough translation, so grain of salt on their comments.

Copy/Paste of the translation by yYoyokate from PattinsonLife

- even the most famous stars must pass the detectors and show their valid passports. of course the camera of focus saw EVERYTHING, even the foreign press wants our tapes now
- we debunked the lovers, robert pattinson and kristen stewart, the world-famous couple left budapest sunday evening after shooting of the film 'bel ami' was finished. robert wearing a baseball cap, his "lover" listening to music entered Ferihegy's waiting area. the girls wanted to celebrate her 20th birthday with her bf, that's why she came here.
- a few minutes later uma thurman's car arrived to the airport. she was impassive as she rushed to the detectors wearing sunglasses and she didn't give any autographs.
- this is how robert pattinson's car arrived without the star on saturday afternoon to tihany. the actor and his gf were escorted in a different car to the set. we couldn't take shots here either, trees were hiding everything in the garden of the horthy-villa.
- so we got close to the set with a photographer on a boat. when we got there they were shooting at the entrance. the whole security team ran to the coast in a sec.
- the camera is clicking, in the chaise standing next to the house we only saw pattinson's hungarian stunt doulbe, at this moment the idol of the teens was still hiding in his trailer with his gf
- the couple and um thurman apparently spent the weekend in this lake-side hotel in tihany
- stars on the andrássy street, night on the pollack mihály square, at the bazilika, and on the university square, for two weeks we were in the footsteps of uma thurman, colm meaney, christina ricci and robert pattinson. but we haven't showed you yet what the stars do when they think no one is paying attention to them. they were resting in this trailer park next to városliget. robert pattinson is arriving here for lunch, then shortly after, seeming a little embarassed, he goes back to the set with unbuttoned shirt.
- 'köszönöm, hogy csendben voltatok' - this was the only sentence pattinson told his fans in these two weeks. (NO!) hundreds of girls were waiting for days and nights on every location but in the end no one got an autograph.
- ... szabolcs, seen here in the promo of x-factor was the guy who got lucky enough to get close to the star of twilight, ... szabolcs was working as robert pattinson's stunt double, the 21yo guy is promoting RTL KLub's new music talent show, you could already see him in focus as he left the chaise next to the Bazilika and was repleaced by the star. in his private life szabi is a freelance actor at smaller theatres.
- so the stars said goodbye to us on saturday(??),the teachers and the parents can all sigh a breath of relief now, teens won't skip school from tomorrow.