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By Alberto Armendariz

NEW YORK .- "A bit confused, but yes, I think I am a romantic type," says actor Robert Pattinson, who after the global mega-hits achieved by the Twilight vampire saga, now believes the romantic drama Remember me (Remember Me) , Allen Coulter, which opens next Thursday.

"If being romantic means not to be cynical and keep the innocence against the relationships, in that sense I am a romantic type," says Pattinson, few minutes before he entered the hotel suite at the Regency in Manhattan surrounded by a large entourage of publicists, assistants and bodyguards, which gave his comments totally ironic touch.

Down on Park Avenue, a further large group of paparazzi standing guard to try to catch him in a picture with his "girlfriend," Kristen Stewart, co-star of the movie Twilight, and is evident even prefer not to name. Despite the excitement generated in the hallways its mere presence, or feel good to talk to a group of foreign journalists, including La Nacion, Pattinson leaves behind all its aura of mystery vampire and, with his hair disheveled, stubble and dressed in faded jeans and gray shirt wrinkled, London seems to become a normal boy of 23 years, smart and cool. It has a sharp eye, you immediately look to lock complicity with men and in an instant can become willfully enigmatic, almost shy, when speaking to a woman, which clearly causes the desired effect, especially in adolescent girls about world go crazy for him.

"Filming in New York was totally crazy. The paparazzi were unbearable, all shouting time to look for his side to take a picture while I was filming." Do you think you can act? "I shouted and I get angry a lot. But when you see the situation from a broader perspective, to understand how ridiculous it all is, it becomes more funny and you ignore it, "said the young actor, who seem to be in control of his career .

 How do you find your peace with all the media attention they generate?
"I spend much time thinking about how not to be seen, which is something fucked up, but ultimately worth it because if nobody knows where you do not wait outside a restaurant, you can enjoy your life. I'm not saying it is nice that people will come to order photos or autographs. What bothers me is people who seek to profit from my image or my person. But often managed to escape from this relentless monitoring and is good.

"I suppose it is even harder when your girlfriend is also very famous, like Kristen Stewart ...
"Hahaha. It is difficult anyway. You have to accept it as part of your life, is something that comes with the career you choose.

Articulate, well-mannered and cheerful British during the interview, suggests that Pattinson is an educated person, read and ready-at least for today, to show that is different from the image that the media and the public will have carved these few years. So it was that attracted much Remember, the role of Tyler, a rebellious student at the end of New York that fateful summer of 2001 reveals that the tragedy of love and happiness can be part of the same coin.

"It's a film about life rather than a love story. It has to do with the relationships established as a human with those closest to you and you love. Talk about how to handle loss and grief, how we affected. For many people, a loss is assumed as part of their identity, and sometimes it is necessary to overcome that loss also left behind a part of that identity constructed; are very conflicting emotions and rich to explore, so I was interested Tyler play, "he says about his character, whose older brother commits suicide, facing a difficult situation with his divorced parents (played by Pierce Brosnan and Lena Olin) and a little sister (Ruby promising Jerins).

- Do you think this character is most like you've done so far?
"Mmm ... I do not know. I think one always tries to find things to identify the character, make it your own and feel honest, I reconstruís and find items with which you interact with more. In this case, there are things I see in Tyler that I would have liked to have. It would, better, a fantasy of mine. In the film, Tyler is fighting all the time and I would have liked to grab in a fight so many times, but I'm not at all like him. I have beaten a few times in bars? I saw it coming ", but was long ago. As for his rebellion, I always worry because I went through a rebellious teenager stage. I fear that I hold the default now, bigger, and for any reason.

- You need to rebel against the expectations raised now?
"A little bit, but when the spotlight is upon you, the best thing you can do is be able to remain as a mystery, not try catalogarte or follow the flow of what the press says about you. If not, you are all the time generating stories in the media and your public persona does not help you in your career. People take too literally everything you say and go about creating a character that you are unaware of what actually. Also, if you all the time in the window, I think that ends up tiring the public and when they go to see your films do you see through the prism of your public persona and not as the character you're playing.

"I see. So tried to mislead a little by saying things like that you're allergic to vaginas, which generates no headlines ...
"Hahaha. Exactly.

- Did you have any particular moment in which you drop the tab in the level of fame you have?
"To me, being a presenter at the Oscars last year was something very important. When first invited me I thought it was a joke. After that night I was sitting behind Mickey Rourke, and I could not understand what he was doing there. It seemed a bit crazy, very crazy.

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Nothing really new here.  I believe its from the same press junket.  And there is the Kristen question again that is quite doubtful...