Rob in Por Ti Mag - Mexico With Translation

Picture caption top left: Since the moment he walks out of his trailer, he goes through his lines repeatedly, he doesn't want to make a mistake.

Picture caption top right: The mega-professional actor follows the instructions of the director.

Picture caption bottom left: Before filming he's very focused, and of course he looks irresistible.

Picture caption bottom right: We snuck into the Bel Ami set and Rob left us dazzled with his period look. A true gentleman! - Pattinson plays Georges, a former soldier at the end of the 1800s.

Picture caption top left: R-Patz is happy to be able to play these kinds of roles. It's quite a challenge!

Picture caption top right: In the movie, Rob poses as a gentleman, and the women beg to be able to be in his arms.

Bottom left caption: There's almost an absolute silence, on the set of Bel Ami.

The director yells action! and all of a sudden Rob shows up in a hurry, dressed in a tux and top hat, cane in hand. Wow! he takes our breath away. He is concentrating on the scene, and as soon as he walks in he fixes his hair and coat. He gets close to Uma Thurman, his co-star in the movie, he looks at her deeply, hugs her with passion, and right as he is about to kiss her they yell cut!.. our heart is beating so fast, because he looks incredibly seductive. And it's exactly that quality that got him the role of Georges Duroy, a French soldier who likes the easy living, and that no girl can resist. The incredible part is that he will turn them into his lovers to live the good life. OMG! What a shame that the premiere is not until May of 2011.

Thanks toCullensNews for the scans and RobPattzNews for the translation