Kristen and Tom Sturridge Leaving Troubador - July 9, 2010

FYI post.  Since there are too many questions... Here it is.  So, yes Kristen was papped outside Troubadour Club in West Hollywood, the location of Bobby Long's gig.  She was with Tom Sturridge (that guy with the bling-lol.  No worries, she was well taken care of by Rob's BFF. If you want to check the pap vid its HERE.  I'm glad they had fun, there were also pics tweeted of them inside the bar.  Def Rob was busy because if he is not, I am 100% sure he would join his bestie and his girl in supporting Bobby. Well, reports say that he was there earlier and had to leave for work...So, I beg you not to ask obvious questions. And no, they have not broken up and Kristen is NOT dating his best friend.  This is RL peeps not your usual afternoon soap. lol. 

One thing good about this papz encounter is we have witnessed how Kristen is well accepted and loved by Rob's mate/s. To end this post, spare moi the snark.