Kristen's Interview with BILD - Germany

She is the most mysterious woman in Hollywood.
Kristen Stewart (20) from Los Angeles is "Bella Swan" - the girl that loves the undead vampire "Edward Cullen" - Robert Pattinson (24).

A box office phenomen that scored milliards: "Twilight" - 100 mio. books sold, book 3, "Eclipse", is about to hit theaters July 15 - a bloody love-saga for teenagers.

The phenomenon? Millions of teenagers want to be like her.
In love, lost, cursed.

But how is SHE really?
She is beautiful, pretty, spontaneous.

What is her life like?
"Hotels, planes, journalists, cameras. Where am I anyway? Just a joke! Tomorrow I have a holiday. I'm going to take a look around Berlin."

Do you google your name? There are 25 millions hits!
She fidgets around in her chair. "Yeah, I mean I have to know what's going on. I'm a control freak. I hate it, if I don't know the latest about me. But that's crazy! What's written there is frightening. So much rubbish...

She has a dreamjob.
"I work since I was a little girl." At the age of 11, she became the star of "Panic Room".

She smiles. She's silent.

In love?
She smiles at me. And shrugs. Pert, but very nice. She defends her heart. She's not a vamp. Not a sex bomb. She's a girl who's becoming a woman. She smokes and loves what she wants.

What's making you upset?
The fact that everyone thinks I'm ungrateful, conceited, arrogant. I love my job. Of course I make mistakes. But doesn't everyone have the right for mistakes?

The photographers come in. I smell her hair. "What parfume is that?" She shakes her head. "I don't like parfume! Uh?! You smell the hairspray?" We laugh and leave.

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