Another Cute R/K Moment: "Kristen Playfully Bit Rob's hand"

According to this Extra's Filming Experience that I posted before... Kristen playfully bit Rob's hand. I just re-phrased the translation via google. lol but def came across.

Every time Kristen was going back to the front to back the recording, she took off her shoe heel of a shoe and put Bella Keds any color (red, purple, yellow ...) and used to walk down the street. Since she was doing this, nearly fell and held on Rob. Speaking of Rob, they were holding hands all night, did not let go! Even after the "cut" with the cameras off, they were holding hands, patting one on the other hand, Robert was holding on tight to the waist and Kris pulled her close to him ... Kristen has come to bite the hand of Rob once kidding. How well she was unsure over the jumps, was clutching a shirt from Rob (as she did in the premiere of Eclipse in LA, has several pictures) and leaning on it. Later that night his shirt was already crumpled to hold both it and twist! They are very affectionate with each other, always caressing, smiling at each other and making jokes. See them kissing in front of me a million times, even for the characters, it was wonderful! In some they blew kisses, have caught it, Rob pulled her hair gently and put up 'accidentally' hand on the ass of Kris.

And now we have the video
Kristen playfully biting Rob's hand at 0:03 Thanks to my wifey BraGirl2 for the cap and vid link. Great find!

Eagle eyes...
At 0:03