BD-Lapa Set Videos

All videos under the CUT

Kristen playfully plays with Rob's hand. 

Walking through the crowd - Sweet Kristen

youtube viaMandy

More walking

Kristen plays with Rob's hand - same footage

Crowd vid - R/K talking to Bill

More discussions with Bill

Rob and Kristen with their BGs- off cam

R/K talking to Bill

Walking, Kissing- good closer angle. Walks away , offcam

Clear vid - longer shot. Walking, kissing- then walks away off cam

R/K talking to Bill

Off cam- R/K blocking the shot

Kiss, walks away off cam. Clear shot

Walking through the crowd

Off cam. Mini break. Rob drink Pepsi, checks shoelace. Kristen checks out something.

R/K talking, while prod people blocks the next shot.

Love this. Walking then kiss with the white screen. Kristen put her arms around Rob's neck.

Walking and intense kissing. Yey!

Bill talk to R/K

Walking slowly through the crowd- intense kissing again.

Talking to Bill again.