WFE Costume Designer, Jacqueline West, Talks More about Rob


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HollywoodCrush April 22, 2011
"Have you seen the poster for the movie where he's standing with Reese—she's in her black evening dress? That outfit on him, I think, looks wonderful," she said. She's referring, of course, to Rob's rugged look (in the poster at right), in which he's wearing a beige shirt, loose trousers and fallen suspenders, while caressing Reese's lower back.

Of course, Jacqueline might be a little biased considering she also told us that Rob's "working-man" look was her personal favorite because she prefers him "dirty and sweaty and dusty," but really who can blame her?

"I just love him like that, and I think the girls are going to like that. He just looks so strong. And I think that even though he's younger than Reese's character, he looks like the man she could lean on," Jacqueline said. "He has kind of a rugged look, he looks like Clark Gable in 'Gone With the Wind,' when he's all dirty, you know when he comes to save Scarlett. He has that feeling, and I just love him like that."

Hollywood Crush For some of us it's the dashing tux, for others it's the daring leather jacket, but for "Water for Elephants" costume designer Jacqueline West, Robert Pattinson's best look in the upcoming film is without a doubt the working-man clothes his character dons right after joining the circus. This, of course, shouldn't come as too much of a surprise for those of you who have been following "WFE" news closely. After all, Jacqueline already admitted to us that she likes her RPattz "dirty and sweaty and dusty" (and really, who can blame her?!).

"I just loved him in the buckle back, 1930s Levi's with suspenders and the work shirt with boots, the bridges tucked in the boots," said Jacqueline. Oh, and speaking of the footwear, Rob's wearing authentic World War I boots in the movie.

Jacqueline said the look was one of her favorites because it revealed Rob’s form (which is apparently a lot "manlier" than it seems in "Twilight"). "It showed his physique, yet it was so real and he looked so comfortable," she said.

Of course, the work clothes do more than flatter Rob's figure (so to speak). Jacqueline said they also give the audience some insight into his character's journey.

"It was a real transformation from his college look and it shows—there's a certain sadness that it evokes from being a vet graduating from Cornell and your future...and all of a sudden you're shoveling manure for a circus," she said. "It evokes a sadness of the depression and how many lives were altered because of Wall Street. There's something provocative about this time and yet it's such a modern look."

In fact, it's a look she anticipates will soon hit the runway. "I think that work wear is going to become a real sign of the times," she said. RPattz helping spark fashion trends? We knew it'd happen sooner or later.

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